Sen Wyden has CoSponsored the Working Families Tax Relief Act

April 26, 2013 at 6:05 am Leave a comment

(From Robin Stephenson)

I have an update on The Working Families and Tax Relief Act of 2013:  Senator Wyden is an original co-sponsor!!!  You asked and he did it!

I called the office a few moments ago and thanked them.  The receptionist was just tickled to get a thank you because she said I will be very happy to pass that message on.

Again, this is just great for Oregon and our nation and THANK YOU for everyone who called.  As my friend Angela commented, this is, “advocacy at work.”  The bill should be introduced later today and our Senator’s name will be on it.  I also see this as a testament to all the letters, phone calls, meetings and other actions you have taken over the years that let him know these refundable tax credits are a priority and make a big difference in the lives of working families.

Original action alert:

There is a bill that would permanently extend critical refundable tax credit provisions that have helped lift millions of working families out of poverty:  The Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.  As you know, we have been working for a long time improving and making these refundable tax credits permanent at Bread for the World.  Simply put, they pull more children out of poverty than any other program.  The kicker is:  we need original co-sponsors today and we need Senator Wyden!

This bill makes the 2009 EITC and CTC improvements permanent, so that low-income working families won’t see a tax increase in 2018.  As you know, they were extended for 5 years in January,  as a result of the fiscal cliff negotiations.   That extension benefited over 13 million families, including well over 25 million children in 2013 alone.

This bill also has some other big improvements, such as:

  1. 1.      Strengthening the EITC for low-income working adults without children
  2. 2.      This bill extends the EITC to childless adults age 21 and older.  (currently it is 25 years or older)
  3. 3.      This bill simplifies the EITC and CTC, so that low-income families will not have to use scarce resources to pay professional tax preparers just to access the credits that they are owed.  And it simplifies the rules for claiming a child for the EITC and CTC

This is a huge opportunity for us in Oregon to take leadership not only for our own state, but the nation.


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Jack Jezreel and Just Faith, May 15th Bread Enews 5/2013

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