Call Congress Now! Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Threaten the Circle of Protection

November 30, 2012 at 5:38 am Leave a comment

Budget negotiations to avoid the “fiscal cliff” are now underway. The president and Congress are working intensely toward a deal — so pressure to cut federal spending, particularly to programs for hungry and poor people, has never been higher.

For the next six weeks, every Washington interest group will be pounding the halls of Congress to weigh in on a multi-trillion dollar deal that will affect every federal program and every person in this country for decades to come. Unfortunately, the media and politicians are not talking about the tremendous impact that the deal will have on hungry and poor people. If we don’t speak up, vulnerable people could easily be forgotten.

Congress needs to hear your voice! We need your help to remind Congress to take the deficit seriously without balancing the budget on the backs of hungry and poor people. Proverbs calls us to speak for those without a voice. We must remind Congress that their budget decisions are moral choices that could have devastating consequences.

Call your U.S. senators and your U.S. representative today! Use our toll-free number (1-800-826-3688) and tell them to pass a budget deal that includes a circle of protection around programs for hungry and poor people in the United States and around the world.

Explain that any deal must

  • Explicitly protect     low-income entitlement programs for hungry and poor people—like SNAP     (formerly food stamps), the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the Child Tax     Credit—against cuts or harmful changes.
  • Include additional tax     revenue, balanced with responsible spending cuts, so     that our country can reduce its deficits while continuing its commitment     to reducing hunger and poverty in the United States and around the world.
  • Prevent further cuts     to non-defense discretionary programs, including poverty-focused     development assistance, international food aid, and the Special     Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).

Congress must reach a deal, but it is critical that Congress get it right. An imbalanced package will severely hamper our ability to address hunger and poverty for years to come. Call Congress today. If we wait, it will be too late.


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