What’s at Stake with the Super Committee? Everything.

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What’s at Stake with
the Super Committee?

It’s up to the Joint Select Committee on
Deficit Reduction (or Super Committee)—a group of 12 members, three from each
party in each house—to create a proposal that will cut trillions from the
deficit. We want them to protect funding for
programs for hungry and poor people
Act Now

Urge your
members of Congress
to form a circle of protection around programs for
hungry and poor people.

The ‘Two Feet’ of

It takes two feet to walk and keep our balance—one foot
focused on institutional change and the other on direct service, writes Msgr. Marvin
Mottet, of Davenport, IA
2012 Offering to
Keep Pressure on Congress

You’ll see materials for Bread’s 2012
Offering of Letters in early January, but this campaign will include a new
twist. The Offering—called “Expanding the
Circle of Protection”
—will continue to rely on the work of Bread activists
and partners, but the format will be slightly different.
Leota Ester
Advocates for Basic Needs

“When I turned 80, I decided I would
make every single year count,” Leota Ester likes to say. It’s clear she
didn’t wait until she turned 80
Bread Teams Send
Message to Congress

The newest iteration of Bread’s organizing
efforts are Bread Teams—groups of trained local community activists who work
with Bread organizers to mobilize their neighborhoods for specific changes in
legislation that affects hungry and poor people

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Bread Congressional Update – 9/20/11 Call and Stop Cuts to Anti-Poverty Programs

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