Tell Congress to raise the debt ceiling and protect the poor and hungry

July 27, 2011 at 5:02 am Leave a comment

As you know, Washington is in gridlock and the next seven days are
. If Congress does not act to raise the debt ceiling (our
country’s credit limit) within seven days, the United States will default on its
financial obligations. Defaulting on our obligations – the first time this would
happen – will not only be disastrous for the global economy but also for the
millions of hungry and poor families in the United States and around the

We need you to call Sen. Merkley and Sen. Wyden today, and tell them
to put partisanship aside and uphold the full faith and credit of our
. They need to show that they are serious about meeting our
country’s financial obligations and approving a sustainable, fair, and long-term
budget plan that protects the most vulnerable.

Your senators need to hear from you
. The Senate may vote as early as tomorrow to begin the process to
raise the debt ceiling and avoid default.

Call the Capitol switchboard now at 1-800-826-3688 and ask
for your senators. Tell them to vote to raise the debt ceiling.
Let them know that nearly one in four children in the United States lives in a
household that sometimes runs out of food. Around the world, more than one
billion people are hungry including 11 million people who are at risk of famine
in the Horn of Africa, where tens of thousands have already died.

Failure to raise the debt ceiling could make a dire situation even
. Call your senators today to protect hungry and poor people from
further hardship.


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Oregon Food Bank action alert on WIC cuts. Bread for the World Urges Congress to Put Hungry and Poor People Back in the Debt Ceiling Discussion

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