Phone Congress and Prevent More Hunger

June 14, 2011 at 5:25 am Leave a comment

On June 14, more than 300 Bread for the World members from around the country
will visit their representatives in Congress to support millions of hungry and
poor people who need the anti-hunger and poverty programs that are threatened by
budget cuts.

This is a particularly critical Lobby Day, since most of these
programs for hungry and poor people are on the cutting block. 

You can join us virtually by phoning your member of Congress while more than
300 of us will be knocking on their doors.

Call Sen. Merkley and Sen. Wyden and Rep. Wu through our special
toll-free number, 1-800-826-3688
. Ask them to create a circle
of protection around vital programs for hungry and poor people in the United
States and abroad.

(after 6/14 call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202)224-3121 and ask  for your senators’ and/or representative’s  office).

You can explain your message by adding any or all of these points:

  • Congress must reduce our deficits but
    not at the expense of hungry and poor people
    . Our budget is a moral
    document that tells the world who we are as a people and what our national
    priorities are.
  • Congress must oppose caps on overall
    federal spending
    . Caps on overall federal spending restrict our
    country’s ability to respond to economic fluctuations, natural disasters, or
    other emergencies. Caps require massive cuts that would severely affect programs
    for hungry and poor people here and abroad.
  • Exempt programs for hungry and poor
    people from cuts
    . All major deficit-reduction packages in the past 30
    years have exempted key domestic programs that are needed by hungry and poor
    people. Congress must continue this precedent by protecting domestic and
    international anti-poverty programs.
  • Consider revenues and spending cuts to achieve deficit
    reduction so we can continue our commitment to ending hunger and poverty at home
    and abroad.

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