Tell Congress, Dont take food from poor children.

September 29, 2010 at 4:56 am Leave a comment

It takes a lot to make me angry, but right now I’m angry. The final straw for me is the news today that Congress is going to delay approving the Child Nutrition Act. This is a key law that ensures hungry kids have nutritious food at school.

Did you also know that legislators are looking to cut food stamps in order to pay for child nutrition programs? This is nonsense—Congress must not rob one group of poor children to feed other poor children. Today, one in five children in the United States already suffers from hunger.

I’m working hard to prevent this, but I need your help. Please join me in letting our legislators know we simply can’t let this happen. Improving the lives of our nation’s hungry children means making sure food stamps and child nutrition programs are fully funded.

I teach a Sunday school class comprised mostly of minority children from Washington, DC. We feed the kids before class, knowing full well it may be the only nutritious food they’ll receive that day. Most of them come from a community that includes a large number of families who receive food stamps. Too often, these families run out of food by the third week of each month.

Please sign this petition: Tell Congress to pass the Child Nutrition Act before it expires on Sept. 30 –but not at the expense of poor families on food stamps.

Thank you in advance for taking action and supporting our nation’s hungry kids.

Yours in Christ,

Christine Melendez
Policy Analyst, Bread for the World


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