Food Stamp Cuts should not be used to fund Child Nutrition Reauthorization.

August 10, 2010 at 3:25 am Leave a comment

Disturbing news coming out of the Senate includes a new proposal to cut billions from future SNAP (food stamp) benefits to offset part of the cost of child nutrition reauthorization.

Bread for the World, along with other national groups, strongly opposes using SNAP funding to pay for other programs. SNAP/food stamp cuts—reductions in benefits for the neediest people in the country—should not be used to pay for school lunch, school breakfast, or summer feeding programs. Your senators need to hear a strong message from groups across the country that Congress should not be making it even harder for struggling families to purchase food.

The next few days are critical. Child nutrition reauthorization legislation could be considered on the Senate floor before senators leave for their August recess on August 6 or August 7. House members are already on recess. Both the House and Senate are slated to return September 13. Making sure no cuts to SNAP are included in the child nutrition reauthorization is critical.


The proposal to pay for spending for other programs by rolling back the boost that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) gave SNAP benefits is cropping up in a variety of contexts. This morning the Senate moved forward to reduce SNAP benefits starting April 2014 to generate $11.9 billion to pay for items added to the Federal Aviation Administration bill (H.R. 1586)—these include funding for aid to states and teachers’ salaries. This afternoon, we learned that a manager’s amendment proposes to reduce monthly SNAP benefits, beginning August 2016, to generate $2.4 billion to pay for part of the child nutrition reauthorization bill (S. 3307). These bills must move forward, but they should not be paid for with low-income people’s food benefits.

Thank you for your support.


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