Just Faith Opportunities in Portland

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The Office of Justice and Peace/Respect Life:  4 JustFaith Opportunities For This Fall




 THIS SEPTEMBER, JOIN A JustFaith GROUP!   Jack Jezreel, founder of JustFaith Ministries, spoke in Portland the other week. Jack is a powerful and engaging speaker with message to shake you and wake you.

In a three-hour workshop he reached the heart of the Gospel. It’s a simple formula, but it leads to big transformation:

Following Christ (as LOVE without exceptions) + actively seeking out and experiencing justice (right relationships) = an expanded open heart that leads to intimacy with God and thus, wholeness.

JustFaith engages Christians in a 30-week program that offers participants a chance to learn about the social mission of the Gospel and how they relate to our faith experience. Jack said the first time he offered the program-which includes 12 books, two retreats, and hands-on experiences-he asked participants if they were ready for the possibility that their lives could change. Isn’t that what Christ asks of each of us?

The JustFaith process is not just about learning about social ministry, but setting our hearts on fire for God’s kingdom on earth. JustFaith is about a courageous and authentic commitment to the Bible as a living document and Christ’s life as a pathway to wholeness.

JustFaith is an extensive, conversion-based process that provides a context in which participants can grow in their commitment to care for the vulnerable and to become advocates for a more just society. This program serves to strengthen the growing commitment of parishes to be agents of social transformation, mercy and compassion.

 Nuts and Bolts


 Sign up by e-mailing the Office of Justice and Peace/Respect Life-either as a parish, a vicariate or as an individual (and we will find a group for you).

  • Sign up by July 13th (to give us time to create groups and set up facilitator training).
  • Cost for a set of new books is $145 (for each individual). (Can’t afford the books? JustFaith may offer scholarships) 
  • One set of videos for your group is $265. Many groups ask their parishes or social justice committees to fund this; others divide the costs among group members 
  • Optimally, a JustFaith group is typically 10 to 15 people; however, some groups are smaller and some are slightly larger



Graduated from JustFaith? Then join JustSkills at Ascension Parish

JustSkills is a 20-week program that introduces participants to some of the skills needed to make the work of social ministry more achievable and effective within the local parish or church. It is designed to enhance leadership and increase the effectiveness of those involved in the difficult and complex work of direct service, advocacy, community organizing and justice education.

Participants will engage in an extended and deliberate process of skill development so that the work of social ministry can be done with effectiveness, insight and wisdom. The program also provides opportunities for participants to be formed in prayer leadership, spiritual reflection and community building. In so doing, JustSkills broadens and enhances the church or parish commitment to effective social ministry and helps make the experience and practice of our faith more life-giving.

Contact Sharon Grigar at Ascension Parish, 503.256.3897



   JustFaith Ministries presents a spiritual deepening process that invites small groups of adult Christians to explore the intersection between contemplative presence and social action, as it is lived out in their own lives.

  Engaging Spirituality focuses on the practical challenges of following Jesus into the broken heart of our world, inspired by the urgency and spirit of the Gospel message to our lives, to our relationships, and to our times.

  Participants practice “the undivided life” of Christian discipleship-engaging in contemplation while immersing ourselves in the heart of our fragmented world. 

   Parish Engaging Spirituality groups need a leader, a facilitator. Ascension Parish is hosting t

 he Portland Engaging Spirituality Discernment/Training Day (Facilitator Training) June 19 from 9:00-3:00. Click here for the flyer. If you or others you know are interested in attending please click here.



As we focus on the rights of immigrants and immigration reform, the Office of Justice and Peace/Respect Life will facilitate a JustMatters module called “Crossing Border: Migration, Theology and the Human Journey.

JustMatters allows participants to focus on a particular current social justice topic. JustMatters allows a group of 8 to 15 people to give sustained attention to a specific area of social concern or social ministry (some with special emphasis on Catholic social teaching) and culminating in a call to engaged action.

The Crossing Borders module provides participants a chance to find common ground and to discover more about themselves, our God and the millions of people who are on the move in every part of the world. It consists of eight, 2 ½ hours sessions.   

The module is an introductory study of many issues surrounding the topic of migration/ immigration. The eight sessions cover the following topics:


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Day of the African Child – 6/19 June 15-17 Support Breads Lobby day by calling in to congress this week.

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