The Path to Intimacy: The JustFaith Journey

May 21, 2010 at 4:29 am Leave a comment

Clip_image001 One of the most inspiring and enriching experiences I’ve had recently came from spending the afternoon listening to Jack Jezreel, founder of JustFaith Ministries, during his visit to Portland, Oregon. 

In a three-hour workshop he managed to get to the heart of the Gospel. It’s a simple formula, but it leads to big transformation (I have friends who can testify to this):

Following Christ (as LOVE without exceptions) + actively seeking out and experiencing justice (right relationships) = an expanded open heart that leads to intimacy with God and thus, wholeness.

JustFaith engages Christians in a 30-week program that offers participants a chance to learn about aspects of social justice and how they relate to our faith experience. Jack said the first time he offered the program—which includes 12 books, two retreats, and hands-on experiences—he asked participants if they were ready for the possibility that their lives could change. Isn’t that what Christ asks of each of us?

The JustFaith process is not just about learning about social ministry, but setting our hearts on fire for God’s kingdom on earth. JustFaith is about a courageous and authentic commitment to the Bible as a living document and Christ’s life as a pathway to wholeness.

Recently, Bread for the World and JustFaith announced a full partnership in both of the JustFaith ecumenical and Catholic study programs. As Bread organizers, we know that when we go into a church that has been doing the JustFaith program, explaining the biblical basis for advocacy is not necessary. Pointing out why, as people of faith, we are called to speak up for the poorest and most vulnerable is not necessary. What we find are communities that are on fire and are actively living out the call to heal this broken world.

I’ll be joining my own JustFaith group this fall and couldn’t be more excited!

To learn more about JustFaith, ask your regional organizers.

Robin Stephenson is Bread’s western region field organizer.


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