Bread founder Art Simon speaks in Portland.

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Art Simon at Westminster Presbyterian

Art Simon at Westminster Presbyterian

Art Simon spoke today at Westminster Presbyterian church today in Portland on a book tour to promote his new book: “The Rising of Bread for the World“.  I have been involved with Bread for the World for over 25 years now and Art Simon is a personal hero of mine. I had not seen him for a few years so it was really a treat to see him again.

The book is an autobiography of his life and how Bread began as an organization. Once I am done reading it I’ll add a book review.

In his speech he talked about the impact that Bread has had over its 35 year existance. Bread also works in conjunction with other partners so it can never claim sole credit for what it has achieved, but what matters is results.

He talked about Bread’s role in the start up of the child survival fund in the 1980’s and the impact it has had over the years. This program supports proven means to reduce child mortaility: growth charts, immunization, breast feeding, oral redydration therapy. Roughly 5 million children survive each year due to this program.

The number of children who die each day has been reduced fron 40k per day to 25k per day. Its still a big number but this is clear progress over the past few decades. He called this a long term exodus from hunger, and urged us all to get involved in this movement and continue the progress.

His example has been an inspiration to me of what Christian faith means and what it can do in this world. It is something we can all learn from.


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Breads western regional office in Portland is moving to a new location. Can you help with various office supplies. Mercy Corps new Global Headquarters open on Oct 9th

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