Reauthorize Pepfar (Aids funding)

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HIV/AIDS is a global emergency. In developing countries, where effective antiretroviral drug treatments are financially out of reach, it can kill with alarming speed. Around the world, there were 2.1 million deaths from AIDS related complications in 2007. The suffering is compounded by malaria, which causes a child in Africa to die every 30 seconds from a mosquito bite, and tuberculosis, which preys on those already weakened by AIDS.

An emergency this serious requires an all-out response. Since 2004, ours has been PEPFAR, the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief. PEPFAR is saving lives and a vote to re-authorize for another five years it is about to happen in the House of Representatives.

Visit our call action page to contact your member of Congress and ask for his or her vote to re-authorize PEPFAR, and expand funding for this historic fight from $15 billion over five years to $50 billion:

The first PEPFAR five-year plan was built with real-world strategies and $15 billion in funding. The numbers already tell a story of hope.

In 2004, only 400,000 people were receiving life-saving antiretroviral drug treatment around the world. By September 2007, 1.45 million patients, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa, were getting the medicine they needed through PEPFAR-supported programs.

But PEPFAR goes well beyond distributing antiretroviral drugs. PEPFAR funding helps train doctors and nurses to reliably track and respond to AIDS cases. It provides necessities for children who have lost parents to the ravages of AIDS. PEPFAR also supports the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, which has already helped deliver 46 million insecticide-treated bed nets to protect families from malaria.

PEPFAR is working, and there’s nobody better to tell your member of Congress about grassroots support for PEPFAR than you. Go to the call action page for your member of Congress’ phone number, talking points and more in-depth information:

This reauthorization goes beyond providing more of the same. This is PEPFAR 2.0.

This new and improved PEPFAR sets audacious goals for the next five years:
Stop 12 million new cases of HIV infections
Double the number of people on antiretroviral treatment to three million (including 450,000 children)
Train 140,000 new health-care workers
Care for five million children who have been orphaned by AIDS
The new PEPFAR also tackles new challenges, with $9 billion allotted to fight malaria and TB. There is also funding to make sure HIV/AIDS patients have access to proper nutrition


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